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Looper dir. Rian Johnson — 6.9

You know going into any time travel movie that there are going to be vast logical inconsistencies that will never be reconciled. But if you are able to unclench your sphincter and sort of let the loose ends remain loose, this is the kind of movie you could fall in love with. Because it acknowledges throughout that various plot points make no sense, either through dialog or winking visual clues. Or course it's all totally ridiculous, even within the rules of the little world it creates. There's some great art design and funny lines. There's a creative element to the Kansan-dystopia it portrays. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty damn terrific doing a movie-long homage to the canon of Bruce Willis. Because he is smart enough not to fall for aping Willis' more obvious tics. It's not an impression, it's a reflection. And it is spot on. Dead money. And it's fun to watch. But, as usual, the ending becomes some sort of mess about telekenesis that the earlier script barely nods to, and it drags out someone interminably. Still, a lot of it works.

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