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I just did a super-fun "10 Questions" interview with Joe Daly over at Chuck Palahniuk's killer LitReactor site. Check it out!"

"Author Sean Beaudoin has thrown a brick through virtually every window in the hallowed and stuffy House of Writing. Although best-known for his string of popular YA novels, Beaudoin has contributed features to scores of magazines, danced the "Lit Journal Shuffle," crop-dusted acres of writing and culture sites, and way, way back in the day, launched his own fanzine, penning defiant late night manifestos to a readership so far out on the fringe that zip-locked baggies full of toenail clippings routinely landed in his mailbox. From more than one person..."

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“Does he drool?
I don’t think so.
Does he eat glue?
Not that I’ve seen.
Does he frequently sniff his fingertips?
Actually, now that you mention it…
Let’s test him.”

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