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Leaping Through Lit

Dear Sean Beaudoin,

I have a real problem. See, I'm lonely. And, not only that, I'm in love with a girl. Where's the problem? The girl doesn't exist. She's a character. In a book. This great new book I just bought four copies of called Flayed To Puce. The girl's name is Sophie Puce. She's this sorta punk goth chick with a little bob haircut that is everything I always wanted in a soul-mate. And then some. How can I get her off the page? How can I keep from buying more of these books and reading the chapters and paragraphs again and again?

 Wanting To Leap Through Lit Realms

Dear Wanting To Leap Through Lit Realms,

Boy, do I know how you feel and I sure can sympathize. But, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do. She doesn't exist. The only solace lies in religion, booze, or buying more copies of your beloved book. I think you know what I'd recommend.

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"The propane was gone. The first-aid kits were gone. Even the at-screen TVs were gone. What were they going to plug them into, a Lurker’s ass?"

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