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Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten dir. Julian Temple — 7.0

Julian Temple makes documentaries like Terrance Malik makes movies, it's a distinctive and non-linear style that involves trying to come to terms with a subject by circling it with an aggressively singular artistic temperment, On the other hand, this is just a biopic about an old dead punk, right? Oh, yeah, it's Joe Strummer, de-facto leader of The Most Important Band Ever. Yeah, that's The Clash. This is the second documentary I've seen about Strummer, and both seem to agree he was a genius, a cipher, a prophet, a follower, confused, narcissistic, and utterly influential. Joe comes across mostly to me as lonely and struggling throughout his life with the meaning and value of his art. Pretty much exactly like everyone else who's ever said anything artistically meaningful.
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