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Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work dir. Ricki Sterne — 6.9

I am definitely not a Joan Rivers fan and had very little interest in watching this. Like a lot of people, I have long thought of her as not funny, totally abrasive, and willing to do anything for press. Not to mention a plastic surgery grotesque. In general, those opinions haven't changed a whole lot, except she is funnier than I thought, and I have more respect for her than I did before. For one thing, I was unaware of exactly how ballsy it was for her to be a female comic in the late sixties, when there really was no one else besides Phyllis Diller doing it. Also, it's pretty amazing that at 75 she is still working harder than most comics on the circuit. It's sad that her reason for doing so is a pathological need to be the center of attention. The documentary becomes less about Joan and more about the dehumanizing lust for attention that all performers have to some degree, and the self-hatred that seems endemic to comics in particular.

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