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It's Not Money, It's Freedom Dollars

I love how the few days before and after Thanksgiving all the newscasts are filled with dire stories about how local merchants are worried they won't sell enough of whatever units this year and there is always this sort of vague implication that if you, the home viewer, were generally Patriotic or even just a good person, you would rush down to your local strip mall and immediately max your gold card and maybe stuff the trunk full of a couple dozen Cinnebons while you were at it. Then they send Trisha Takanawa and her camera crew down to the mall to stand in her tan pantsuit in front of a Gymboree and look fearfully into the camera and talk about "economic indicators" and the country's "Fiscal projections" that all seem to have more to do with whether enough people buy Gargle-me-Elmo playsets on Black Friday than if we magically stopped spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq and maybe even sent some ruthless German accountant to Bagdad to take a quick look at Halliburton's books.
Even so, all this used to be easily avoided by just not watching the local news, but now it's even on my sign-in page, the little thumbnail this morning being of some exhausted and harried housewife with an armload of shopping bags and the subtitle, "How much can she carry". The answer, of course, is not nearly enough, but there still did seem to be just enough room under her left arm to lever in one last William's Sonoma ham platter. Maybe even two.

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