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It Gets WAY Better


Just sent this pic in to Little, Brown, whose FB page is featuring a bunch of authors and editors wearing purple in support of the It Gets Better project. As well as to denounce school bullying in general. It really, truly, honestly does get better. I swear. Gay, straight, confused, indifferent, we all went through a period during school when things seemed impossibly dire. And dire in such a way that it seemed like it could never really be understood or fully explained to anyone else. But it's not true. It can be understood. You just have to find the right people to confide in. And there are so many of them (us) out there. Don't accept anyone's perception of you except your own! Meanwhile, my quote with the picture: "No matter what you claim to be, where you're from, or who you ultimately prefer to kiss, everyone loves a purple cupcake."


Thanks for this sentiment!

So glad people are saying this. Thanks.


I want one too!

What a moving and poignant message.  This kind of support needs to be voiced publically and frequently.  Thank you and LB.

Beautiful words and all true.  Rabid Lizard?  What an interesting name….

Thanks, everyone. It’s nice to get involved with something you truly believe in. No one can tell you who you need to be. Also, keep in mind that I am offering The Purple Cupcake of Sanity.

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