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Iron Man II dir. John Favreau — 6.0

More of the same, except this time with Mickey Rourke in it, who mumbles in proto-Russian while holding down his bad guy duties reasonably well. Sam Rockwell's character is ridiculous and not funny. Why exactly is Scarlett Johanssen doing in this except wearing a tight suit and staring into the camera? That don't even bother trying to explain her presence. Robert Downey does his smirky wisecrackery with the usual aplomb, but he and Gwennyth Paltrow have zero chemisty, even less that he and Don Cheadle. Whose character also makes no sense. It's a harmless mess with some fairly cool CGI and a couple of funny lines.
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“The pool was packed, full of moms and dads and screaming kids with melty popsicles. It was a perfect day. Except something bad was coming. Soon. I could smell it in the chlorine.”

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