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Inglourious Basterds dir. Quentin Tarantino — 7.6

A lot of people will hate this movie for a lot of different reasons: too long, too much talking, too violent, too campy. And there's an element of truth to each. But how many film-makers are there taking as many chances as this? How many are willing to risk absolute condemnation by turning WWII into a revisionist cartoon? How many are willing to have a 15 minute scene be comprised entirely of dialog? Tarantino's usual annoying self-indulgence may be what makes this film ultimately so effective. He absolutely refuses to pander to anything but his own imagination and whims. I love a film that is willing to talk so much. And I think Christoph Waltz' performance as the evil Nazi Hans Landa is one of the best pieces of acting I've seen in years. He's absolutely brilliant (in 4 languages). Of course, Tarantino's casting of buddy Eli Roth as "the Bear Jew" is one of the worst decisions since casting himself as "Jimmy" in Pulp Fiction, but you roll with it. Brad Pitt verges on caricature, but is ultimately very good as Aldo Raine. In ten years this will be looked back at as an exceedingly unique film made in an era of the cloyingly derivative.
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