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The Incredible Hulk dir. Louis Leterrier — 6.1

So, the first question is: why another version of Hulk after Ang Lee's? Especially since it really isn't any better or worse. Additionally, the CGI is about the same, which is to say sort of lousy. The Hulk still looks barely video-game quality and the "transformation" scenes still aren't any better than Rob Bottin's 80's werewolf stuff. They did one smart thing, which was to encapsulate Doc Banner's entire creation story into the opening credits, so they didn't have to waste time going over that familiar ground. On the other hand, this is a two-hour plus movie with lots of tanks and bullets and ham-handed pronouncements from General Something played by the CGI mustache that is now William Hurt. So there is zero new ground, zero purpose for existing, zero reason to see Edward Norton naked so much. The second question is, why does Liv Tyler keep getting cast in any movie that isn't about a wax museum? Wow, does she have no chemistry with Norton. Her acting chops consist of a sort of dour Beull-frown, or, alternately a sort of dour, heavy-lidded smile. Every scene with her in it dragged badly. Overall, pretty much a big waste of time.
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