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Inception dir. Christopher Nolan — 6.1

What a big, bloated, mess of a film. I know people that really loved this movie, but to me it was all layers and no story. Endless convenient exposition that is ultimately meaningless. Poor Ellen Page, who plays a "dream architect" without it really ever being explained what that actually entails or why she'd be any better at it than anyone else on the planet slightly uglier than Ellen Page, except that she's pretty good at drawing circles on a napkin. Page is in innumerable scenes straddled with clunky dialog like "are you killing parts of his brain, or are those just projections?" Leo The Cap answers "No, they're just projections." Okay. See, I saw this movie in the theater in 1984 when it was called Dreamscape and starred Dennis Quaid. I remember thinking it was pretty silly back then, but at least sort of fun. Inception is just endlessly silly, with zero internal logic and a mean Japanese businessman in bad age makeup. Also, all the best visuals were in the trailer. Tediously long, not a single surprise.

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