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I'm Not There dir. Todd Haynes — 7.0

This is the kind of movie you appreciate more than you enjoy. Haynes never takes an easy step in integrating six different actors playing six different time periods of Bob Dylan's life, using impressionistic details mixed with actual quotes from interviews. Really, the best part was seeing Richie Havens sing a song on a wood porch. The Richard Gere segment was tedious and endless. Cate Blanchett's should really have been the entire film. Studying the acoustic to eletric transformation period and Dylan's detached, half-logical defense in the face of angry fans feeling betrayed that he refused to keep feeding them what they'd become accustomed to. It's brilliant and telling. It's impossible for most people to remember how daring and controversial that was. And Blanchett plays Dylan utterly handcuffed, emotionally and intellectually, by the task of having to explain to the world the pointlessness of strummy protest songs and the idolatry of the balladeer.
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