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I Will Sell You A Napkin With SOUL written on it

Also excellent to see there are a number of advance reading copies (what the publisher sends out to the chain stores and reviewers six months before the real book comes out) already available for sale at your various discount/book slasher online sites. What's even stranger is there are already hardbounds for sale and the book isn't even out yet. Now that's impressive. I only have five of them myself. Who already has one, read it (more likely didn't read it) and hawked it? I want to buy that person a beer.
My father told me that when my sister and I were in middle school and we all took a family trip to Brazil (for no discernable reason) some guy approached him on the street and offered to buy my sister. Just outright. Don't know if he was offering a dozen camels, or maybe a sack of cash, but that is pretty impressive too. I admire pragmatic cultures. No fooling around. If everything is for sale, everything is for sale, or we're all hypocrites.

I sure miss my sister, by the way. Dad insists he got a really good deal.
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