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I Love You, Man dir. John Hamburg — 7.3

I thought this was pretty funny. A few hilarious scenes compete with others that are just amusing, but there aren't many dull ones. Hard to tell the usual Apatow-style buddy comedies apart any more, especially since Jason Segel or Paul Rudd are in all of them, but they're both good here. Toss in Favreau, Rachida, Jane Curtin, the ubiquitous JK Simmons, and Andy Samberg and it's a solid cast. I'm a sucker for most Lou Ferrigno humor and Rush jokes..."I haven't seen them since the Signals tour"....
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“The pool was packed, full of moms and dads and screaming kids with melty popsicles. It was a perfect day. Except something bad was coming. Soon. I could smell it in the chlorine.”

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