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I Have Often Felt This Way

Although it is usually in response to Billy Joel...

Woman Kills Husband in Fight over Springsteen

BRISBANE, Australia (AP)

Cooper, 50, called an ambulance after suffering what her lawyer Greg Maguire called a "brain snap" and stabbing Watson, 49, once in the chest with a kitchen knife. He died at the scene.
Cooper told police she had become fed up with Waston telling her what to do during their two-year relationship. On the night of the killing, she tried to play a Springsteen CD and he took if off the stereo, triggering a bitter argument.
"I mean, who the hell doesn't like Bruce Springsteen, for God's sake?" Cooper told police in a record of interview presented to the court. "I just picked up a knife and I went 'boom'."


I agree, kil them kause of Hall and Oates….

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