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I Don't Wanna Work Now

I haven't heard this song in decades, but in the summer of 1985 I probably listened to it (without exaggeration) over a hundred times. Mainly because Mike Nesi and I used to drive around in his '71 VW Bug blaring punk cassettes, and this was in heavy rotation. The method of our rebellion and general contribution to Anarchy was to cruise around department store parking lots while I dangled my boombox out the window, blasting this and other obscure hardcore at frightened moms and confused shoppers. In other words, pure subversive genius.

The amazing thing is that I remembered this tune as absolutely shredding. Now it sounds resigned and melodic and basically exhausted. Go figure.

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“The pool was packed, full of moms and dads and screaming kids with melty popsicles. It was a perfect day. Except something bad was coming. Soon. I could smell it in the chlorine.”

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