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Hey, do you live in the Bay Area? A friend of mine just started Pie Truck. He makes these fantastic sweet and savory pies for ridiculously cheap, and then brings them to you in a beat up Honda Civic. Until there's a big surge in pie sales, there won't be a real truck. Don't you want to help him buy a real used truck? In the meantime, everyone loves pie. Especially if it's organic, all local, no syrups or cans etc. Pie makes a great gift, and no one wants a sweater. Pie makes people happy. Having one brought right to you is nirvana-ish. Check out his menu.


his pies are SO GOOD!

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"The propane was gone. The first-aid kits were gone. Even the at-screen TVs were gone. What were they going to plug them into, a Lurker’s ass?"

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