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Hellboy II: The Golden Army dir. Guillermo Del Toro — 6.0

A lot of this film looks really great. The art direction is fantastic and the CGI is crisp, clean, and mostly believable. Ron Perlman looks hilarious in the Hellboy makeup and the script is reasonably sharp of its kind. Of course, the film is otherwise the usual dystopian apocalypse tale where a band of undermanned heroes must save the world from an inexplicably maniacal foe. So they do. Ho hum. Computer effects have pretty much ruined action movies. There is absolutely nothing, no matter how fabulous it looks, that surprises or entertains any more. The last great effect was the freeze frame stuff from the first Matrix. Ever since then, it's like being a kid with a mouthful of sugar. No eye candy tastes good, no matter how well done it is. Even so, Del Toro is better than most.
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