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Headline That Made Me Laugh

Schilling Pitches McCain for President

By The Associated Press, AP
3 hours ago

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling: "We are living in a complex and dangerous time that requires a leader who embodies character, sound judgment and experience. John McCain is that man. John has a backbone of steel. He's a man of principle who sticks to his guns. He has my vote."

Anyone who listens to and then is swayed by anything Curt Schilling has to say, on any conceivable subject under the sun, with the possible exception of throwing a fastball, should have their right to vote rescinded. Further, any candidate who would accept the list-of-cliche's endorsement of Schilling, a famously opinionated muttonhead who has made numerous ridiculous pronouncements over the years on just about every conceivable subject but throwing a fastball, deserves the at-best 9% of the primary vote they have just spent several years of their lives and untold millions of other people's money to get.
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