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Hannah Takes The Stairs dir. Joe Swanbug — 8.0

I love this movie. It may not be because the movie is so great, but that there are so few movies like it. There is no plot. It's a slow examination of a certain brand of hip twenties job and workingplace angst. Which all of us have experienced. But no movie except unseen indies actually have the balls to explore honestly. There is no expectation of a resolution. Greta Gerwig does her usual genius job of being a ditzy hipsterette and half naked. There's no silicone here. This is the tale of most of us: desperate to be creative and strangled by our own starving need to be recognized and relevant. If you like smart dialog, this is your meat. If you like trucks that transform into battletrucks, probably give it a pass.
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“I ran down the hall. And stopped in front of the counselor’s office. There was nothing there. Not even a door, just bricks. I could swear there used to be a door.”

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