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So, for many years I've taken an inordinate amount of grief about not having a professional head shot. I've always just used that dumb, slightly out-of-focus pic of me holding the purple cupcake. Or whatever else was lying around. But now I really have a pro 8 x 10 glossy. Lighting, camera, head tilt. Its got it all. No doubt a lot of fun will be had at my expense, mostly since I look like a cop on CSI: Akron with a major cervical problem. Or someone trying to tough-squint their way past the bouncer and velvet ropes. Everyone knows it's impossible to take a good author photo, but the douche quotient on this one is so massive that I could not refuse.

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“Never be afraid to run away and hide in the woods like a coward, while all the heroes’ parents are busy posting bail.”

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