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Greenberg dir. Noah Baumbach — 5.8

I don't mind a movie with an unlikable main character. But there's really no one in this movie to hang any interest or empathy on. Ben Stiller is fairly loathesome and uninteresting in the title role. Which is, of course, intentional. He plays that totally un-self aware person who is furious at the world and horrible to his friends and family because of it. But Greta Gerwig is also totally unsympathetic. Rhys Ifans is the only character that comes close to a sense of humanity, and he's so disaffected and blase that he's not really believable as a character. This was a slog to get through.
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“’Uncle Stu wrote a script?’
‘He did.’
‘About what?’
‘A women’s prison’
‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

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