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I will be giving a reading for Instant City, a pretty cool journal that prints fiction and poetry that takes place in, around, or about, San Francisco. My story is in the new "Love" issue, #4. Check them out at: The reading is Feb. 2nd at Adobe Books on 16th St. at Guererro. It starts at 7:30 pm. Wine, cheese, music, etc. Adobe Books is one of the first places I hung out when I moved to SF, almost 20 years ago. I used to take all the copies of Less Than Zero that were always sitting around our flat and trade them in for Sherwoood Anderson, Ford Maddox Ford, and Ranier Maria Rilke, who, at the time, I thought was a woman. Anyway, if you're reading this, you should come. I'll buy you a plastic cup of wine. Or, if you're under 21, a wedge of gouda.
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“The pool was packed, full of moms and dads and screaming kids with melty popsicles. It was a perfect day. Except something bad was coming. Soon. I could smell it in the chlorine.”

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