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The Girlfriend Experience dir. Steven Soderbergh — 7.0

This is an alternately fascinating and self-indulgent piece of 'indie" filmmaking that is guaranteed to be hated by at least half of its viewers. That alone made me like it more. With a cut up time line and no real plot, not to mention a well known porn star as the lead actress, GFE takes a number of chances. The moodiness and beautiful photography do a great job of capturing a side of wealthy Manhattan during the economic collapse. Is it evolutionary or socially corrupting that we've gotten to the point that we are paying for emotion as well as sexual experiences? is there anything left than can be said to be an authentic experience? Is selling your body as well as your intellect and emotion any different than any other commodity now? Some people will think this movie answers all these questions. I, at least, give it credit for raising them.
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“’Uncle Stu wrote a script?’
‘He did.’
‘About what?’
‘A women’s prison’
‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

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