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Hardcore Stan Blog readers have probably noticed by now that some Mo-ron from Russia has been spamming the comments section with hundreds of javascripts for your all usual favorite products: Viagra, Cheap and Easy Mortgages, Canadian Diet Pills, Buried Nigerian Gold, etc. The weird thing is, these geniuses haven't noticed that Java is disabled, so it's just paragraph after paragraph of code. Man, you can practically smell the money flying in. I mean, who doesn't want to read Viagra code? Especially three hundred and twenty times in a row? Especially buried in posts from two months ago, where the reader traffic is HUGE?

So, they send the ads, I delete them. They send them, I delete them. Send. Delete. Send. Delete.

They keep coming.

There must not be a lot to do late at night in Moscow.

Anyone with any idea what to do about this, or who knows how to send them back a vicious Trojan StanHorse that will make their server explode, please send me a non-java message.


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