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Free Words! (as in Without Cost, not Let Them Out of Their Cages)

Hey, I have an essay in the latest Algonquin Reader, which just came out and you can download to whatever device you're inclined to read essays about me being A Very Bad Person When I Was Younger on, and it's totally free! Who doesn't want free stuff at Christmas time? No one, that's who. Or is the answer everyone? In either case, the essay's really about beating insurmountable odds to one day grow up and and learn how to self-promote more effectively. No, that's not true. It's about writing back in the day, when people said stuff like "back in the day" out loud, way before the Internet even existed, a time when pens were pens and websites were stapled. Trust me, you want to own a copy. But only 'cause it's free. And also the many other fine essays, plus amazingly high-production quality and killer art. Sure, it's not a full-price cashmere turtleneck or electric Campari chiller, but it's pretty damn close. 

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"Adralach was so grateful that he

loosed a plague upon the humans

and feasted on the glut of their passing."

                           -Cornelius Wrathbone

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