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End Of Culture

So I finally saw some of this Deal Or No Deal show and was moved to grab my new flatscreen and snap it over my knee like Bo Jackson's bat. I mean, has it really come to this? A gameshow in which there is NO skill whatsoever employed? We've finally gone down that single-celled path? What's next? BLINK: The Eyelid Game! No one's saying it has to be Jeopardy. At least on Price Is Right you had to guess how much stuff costed and maybe add in your head a bit. Even on Tic Tac Dough you had to answer basic questions. So one of the highest rated shows on television today is about Totally Random Guessing? Models hold briefcases and you pick one because you "Sorta had a feeling?" That's it? Sheer dumb luck? They might as well have weasels as contestents and have them pick the briefcases they think are most likely to contain marinated chunks of Howie Mandel.
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“I ran down the hall. And stopped in front of the counselor’s office. There was nothing there. Not even a door, just bricks. I could swear there used to be a door.”

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