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Eet Eez A Story Tres Magnifique

It's always nice to have one of your short stories translated into French. I'm sure it's a much better story this way: Zee Barrelhousique

It's possible that it is somewhat worse in German: Der Barrelhousen

Japanese looks fun: Tiny Faster Going Fun Go

There used to be a site with a different story translated into Turkish, but apparently the demand throughout Constantinople was so great, the orders flooding in so furiously, that the site crashed and has yet to be re-launched. Or, they went out of business.
Actually, no, here it is: Dangerzy Gulzat

Reading Turkish is excellent, especially if you don't understand any. And the Turks really know how to put together a good name. "Turgut Ozal" has stuck in my head for years. I think he was their former president or some government official. I wish my name was Turgut Ozal.
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“In the next four hours I had eight customers, rented three zombie videos, and answered two questions about where I wasn’t going to college.”

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