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Yes, it's true, I AM reading "The DaVInci Code." I had no idea the floodgates of laughter, sarcasm, calumny and general abuse admitting to that fact would open, but I have a pretty good idea now. I can still feel the collective boot on my neck. I did, as you'll recall, promise to review EVERY book I read this year, no matter how embarrassing. DaVin Code is, I have to say, slow going. Christo could build a bridge of pink cliche's across the Grand Canyon with just the clunkers in the first few chapters alone. But, yes, it's not a joke. I am up to my jowls in albinos and the grafted image of Tom Hanks as the world's leading expert in pagan female iconography. Which isn't hard to envision at all.

No, I haven't seen the movie. And I definitely won't. I promise.
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"The only real terror is the truth,

an accumulation of sins exposed."

                    -Cornelius Wrathbone

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