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Dice Fever

I just got back from Vegas where I spent most of the time promoting GNF in the Caesar's Palace sauna. You can do the steam room, hot bath, cold bath, pool circuit all day long. People bring you fruit and tea and robes and there are huge atria and columns and marble floors and golden mullions and frescoes and lute music piped in from invisible speakers. If you close your eyes it really sort of is like being Augustus, or at least one of Augustus' minions. The urge to go out to the Plain Of Mars and do some marching and Centurion training is nearly overwhelming. The desire to sharpen you sword for the coming punitive raids against the rebelling Picts seems prudent. On the other hand, continuing to simply float in hot mineral water with a grape in your navel is hard to beat. It's an unassailable tenet of life: the Picts can wait.
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"The propane was gone. The first-aid kits were gone. Even the at-screen TVs were gone. What were they going to plug them into, a Lurker’s ass?"

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