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Deception dir. Marcel Langenegger — 4.1

Tedious and nonsensical sex-murder tripe. How many times has this movie, or a variant of this movie been made? Innocent type (McEwen) gets sucked into underworld by all-powerful baddie (Jackman), who then screws him over for some big cash payout that involves offshore accounts, many shots of a computer screen  download bar, and a designer necktie of cliches cinching ever tighter. The innocent dude suddenly becomes very saavy and turns the tables on Wolverine. Somehow he knows how to get a perfect fake passport in 24 hours and fly to Spain with it. How? He just does, cause the script needs him to. Then he risks his life for a girl he met once and had dinner with. Why? She's pretty. Also, the script would make even less sense if he didn't. Would his nerdy accountant character ever do that in real life? Nope. Of course, McEwan successfully swindles the swindler, then inexplicably gives up the 20 million (actually just leaves it sitting on the street, I guess to prove what an ethical guy he really is) for the girl. She jumps in a cab, and he's a wanted fugitive two streets away from a murder in a strange city. Cut to.....them living happily ever after in a scenic Madrid town (with no cash, and presumably all of INTERPOL on the lookout for them). How did he find her? How did he get away? He just did. Yawn.
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