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The Day the Earth Stood Still dir. Scott Dedrickson — 4.0

Tepid and pointless faux environmental morality tale that more or less exists solely for Keanu Reeves to have even less reason to emote than usual. Jennifer Connelly, one in a long line of unbelievably unconvincing hottie scientists, is charged with driving Keanu around in a Prius so he can commune with various cut-rate CGI orbs, but never bothers to ask an all-powerful alien all the questions you might ask if you were A: an intelligent scientist, or B: even remotely curious about the fate of the world. Mostly, she just asks directions and looks in desperate need of a peanut butter Triscuit. Remember the original from when you were 7 and it was on Creature Double Feature every sunday? Me too. Why did they remake this again? Zero idea. And it's weird as hell to see Don Draper showing up every once in a while to say "Klaatu" and then insert some nerdy scientific exposition. Not nearly enough of GORT the robot, and that's never a good thing.
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