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Cyrus dir. Mark and Jay Duplass — 6.4

I'm generally a fan of the Duplass brother's work, so it's a bit of a disappointment that their first "big" budget film with name stars ends up being so tepid. The acting is good and the dialog is okay. The problem is that there's really no reason for this film to exist. In another hybridization of the psychotic brother/sister/parent/roommate ruining an otherwise perfect relationship, Jonah Hill plays a son whose relationship with his mom (Marissa Tomei) is a little too incestuous. But we never find out if he's truly deranged, merely odd, or faking it. His "self discovery" at the end is inexplicable and unconvincing. Worst of all, it leaves everything that came before it without a whole lot of gravity. John C. Reilly forgives, everyone smiles, and...roll credits.

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“Does he drool?
I don’t think so.
Does he eat glue?
Not that I’ve seen.
Does he frequently sniff his fingertips?
Actually, now that you mention it…
Let’s test him.”

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