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Clash of The Titans 3.2 — dir. Louis Leterrier

I saw the original of this in the theater with my father when I was 11 or so. It starred Harry Hamlin and Ursula Andress. Of course, compared to now, the effects were cheesy and the CGI non-existent, but it had a sort of good heart about it and a sense of fun. I remember enjoying it thoroughly. This new version is pretty much a masive cow pie. How a movie this expensive could be such a colossal mess is pretty astonishing. Sure, it's fun to say "release the Kraken" and that part looks pretty cool, although most of it was in the commercials already. And the Medusa scene was okay. The rest? What a bore. There are no real characters, the dialog is ludicrous, and it doesn't make any sense, even when very little sense was require. Hey, it's a dumb action/effects bomb, right? What else do you expect? Well, I expect more than this. A lot more. Poor Liam Neesen standing there in his suit of armor with the star filter on high, looking like he can smell his career on the bottom of his sandal. A debacle.

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