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lauren tarshis I know, I know, you're sitting there eating Cheetos and being way too cool to ever consider reading a middlegrade novel that's more or less about 13 year old girls in love (except for you, Dan Kramer of Xenia, Ohio) so this advice will probably be entirely ignored, but you should really check out my friend Lauren Tarshis' new book Emma Jean Lazarus Fell In Love. It's funny and smart and has a refreshingly fresh take on this particulalry ripe rite of passage. Does it have trucks that morph into battlebots? No. Does it have a guest appearance by Laurence Fishburne? No. Even so, you'll be glad when you buy one for yourself, and so will your nephews and nieces. Actually, get two for yourself.
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"Adralach was so grateful that he

loosed a plague upon the humans

and feasted on the glut of their passing."

                           -Cornelius Wrathbone

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