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Big Gig Tonight

Hey you! In Seattle? Well, tonight, yes tonight, I will be at the very excellent lit series Cheap Beer and Prose at Richard Hugo House. How cheap is the beer? How about ONE DOLLAR! Come early and get a seat, because this event is always packed to the gills. Seriously, I have never been there with less than 150 people hooting their throats raw. It's gonna be hot. It's gonna be sweaty. And I will be reading something in which this line appears: "They go genuinely ape-shit below me, literally drunken primates flinging excrement and warring over control of a stand of banana trees." Really. Sure, now you want to come. Eli Hastings! Alma Garcia! Tara Atkinson! Also, the Bad Man Brian McGuigan will be there. Cheap Fear and PBR. It's gonna so totally kill.

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