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Big Decision

So I decided that I am not going to write anything on the MySpace blog and save all pearls for this site. I know this will effect the daily planning of any number of people, so I thought I'd announce it early. Also, I have decided GNF needs a "Where's The Beef?" style catchphrase. I considered "Funny Is As Funny Does" as well as "Let Me Borrow Your Nose", but finally settled on "Don't Be Such A Stan!" Yup, if you start saying it, and convince at least two other people to start saying it, and send at least three emails asking people to say it, the phrase should be around the world by next Friday. Don't be such a Stan. Really. Just do it.
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"The curves are a smoke screen, I tell myself. Inside she’s a bag of hard edges. And I, Ritchie Sudden, am prepared to eat sheet metal."

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