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Baghead dir. The Duplass Brothers — 7.8

The horror elements of the plot are a toss off and you can see the end coming a mile away, but none of that matters because, as in The Puffy Chair, the Duplass Brothers have coaxed terrific improvised perfomances from their actors. The longing, pettiness, and egotism of the actors is so believable and natural in a way so few films are that the verbal interplay alone makes this an unusual and exceptional film. While not having the depth of Puffy Chair, the first scenes of sexual jousting between the two couples as they reach a wooded cabin are novelistic in their subtext and made me wish the plot centered there for a few hours, like My Baghead With Andre. Once the horror element comes, things devolve, but still retain a clever edge. One detail alone made me love this movie: Writing "Jim Harbaugh" on an index card. See the film to see what I mean. Whooh!
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"Adralach was so grateful that he

loosed a plague upon the humans

and feasted on the glut of their passing."

                           -Cornelius Wrathbone

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