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Anvil dir. Sacha Gervasi — 7.0

More Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap, to the point that they even visit Stonehenge, this almost fake it's so real documentary mines the depths of creative delusion in the face of true belief. Anvil, the real band, is mired in metal cliches and old age, but can't understand why they can't get a new record deal after thirteen widely ignored albums. The backing tracks are okay, but Lips' vocals and lyrics are both tedious and uninspired. Yet Lips' belief in himself and his band's prospects are the only thing that has kept the rest of the musicians from full time retail jobs. Alternately depressing and inducing empathy in spurts, Anvil is as arch as any episode of The Office, but as real as the airless feeling of a small town in Ontario.
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