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Utah Is For Others

Dear Sean Beaudoin

I recently went with my husband to his parent's house in Utah. The whole family was visiting, including his three brothers and their wives. We had a nice meal and some wine. That night, my husband didn't stay with me in our usual room and instead slept downstairs on the couch since he felt sick and didn't want me to catch his cold. That night, he came back up in the middle of the night and made sweet, gentle love to me. Here's the thing, though, Sean Beaudoin. I don't think it was my husband. I think it was one of his brothers. See, there was just something...different about it. Even though it was dark, I'm almost certain. I'm terrified to say anything to my husband. And his brothers acted like nothing was strange the next morning. What should I do?

                                                                               Connie from Oren
Dear Connie from Oren

Hmmm. Sounds to me like you've been watching too much Lifetime channel and not reading enough Anne Sexton. But, even if your letter isn't completely made up, it also sounds to me like a classic case of wish fulfillment.  Either that, or a classic episode of the Waltons. I say, hey, don't sweat it. If your brothers-law-law are both that smooth and opportunistic, just run with it. Especially if it was sweet and gentle. They will undoubtedly soon suggest some sort of arrangement. Hold out for the best offer.
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