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Where Science Goes Wrong

Dear Sean Beaudoin

Octo Mom! Octo Mom! Octo Mom! One more word about it and I may implode! Help!

                                                                               Can't Pronounce Her Name, Either

Dear Can't Pronounce Her Name, Either

I hear you, believe me. Not only is the lady clearly insane, just the amount of plastic surgery she's obviously had in a desperate attempt to look like Angelina Joiie fills me with untold melancholy and pity. Then, of course, there's the eight doomed kids. On top of the other six. Free condoms. That's the only answer. Actually, Free Mandatory Condoms. Plus, let's start doing rampant stem cell research and shun in-vitro as against bible teachings from now on. Also, how about a new law mandating a two-child limit for all families? If you want more kids than that, you have to adopt or take in foster children. It's sound policy. My people are on the line with Obama's people as I type this.
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