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Dear Sean Beaudoin

Lonely doesn't even begin to describe it. For starters, I work freelance, so I sit alone in a rented office every day, up to ten hours staring at a computer screen and typing in the material at about 12 cents a word. Also, I just moved to the Pacific Northwest from my longtime California home and I don't know anyone here. It's cold and rainy and people are sort of Nordic and reserved. Or they're trying too hard to be all tattooed and pierced and flagrantly displeased with their place in the world. I'm not the kind to make friends easily, but I did leave some behind. God, what I'd give for an obnoxious co-worker right about now. What am I doing here?

                                                       Like Morrisey's Voice, But Somehow Even More Alone

Dear Like Morrisey's Voice, But Somehow Even More Alone

Funny, but I just moved to Seattle myself. I too type all day long for a ridiculously low rate of pay. It is cold and rainy here as well. And, yes, the number of lip piercings does seem to constitute a group cry for a better, more understanding society that has somehow become clotted in fashion. I rent an office as well, so I can really empathize with your sense of isolation. And that's funny about being surrounded by co-workers, I've thought that a few times myself. It would even, you know, be nice to see Fat Larry, or Tina The Ballbuster about now. And you hit the nail on the head about the friends thing, too. I'm not really the kind to make friends easily either. So, really, I would advise you to get up right now, this second, and go back to Calif....hey, wait a minute.....hold on just a minute here.....

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“The trouble began in seventh grade, when I was taken out of regular classes and put in assisted learning, which smelled like eau du Velveeta.”

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