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Maybe it's the endless adverts for ironically ugly Christmas sweaters, or the nagging feeling that my soul is being Hoovered, repackaged, and sold to a Ukrainian brand-marketing firm, but I now feel a genuine ennui every time I log into Facebook, a tedium so powerful that I am willing to type the word "ennui" with a straight face. Yes, I say this fully aware that the only thing duller than pretending to be over social media is the constant subliminal need to write impassioned essays about all the things social media fails to provide me. It's exhausting, in exactly the same way that a Radiohead concert is exhausting--moments of real connection and original ideas and thoughtful melodies sandwiched between affected vocals, sweaty fanboys, and monotonous riffing. Facebook is that moment when the drugs have finally worn off and the $40 tour shirt starts to itch and it dawns on you that after months of anticipation the Big Profound Takeaway is less a grand communal revelation and more an envious glimpse of the trough while still six dudes back in the men's room line. Or has it just been raining here a lot?

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"Adralach was so grateful that he

loosed a plague upon the humans

and feasted on the glut of their passing."

                           -Cornelius Wrathbone

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