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A prophet Jacques Audiard — 8.5

Wow, is this a great movie. It's possible that Jacques Audiard is my new favorite director. Terrific acting, a totally honest screenplay, no punches pulled. It's a look inside a French prison where a polyglot of ethnicities vie for control. The Corsicans are in charge, but Muslims, Egyptians, French and Italians have to find a way to coexist in a grim concrete hole. Visually stunning, not a scene feels out of place. Tahir Rahim is absolutely perfectly cast in the lead, and Niels Arestrup (also in The Heart My Beat Skipped, another great Audiard film) plays the sort of role that you never see in an American film--a man with some life lived in his face carrying a menacing role quietly--instead of some muscle screamer chewing scenery. Best film I've seen in months. Rent immediately, although not for the easily offended or squeamish. Also unlike American films, though, none of the violence is gratuitous or glorified.

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